Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photo Overload! Sorry!

Blue Glitter Gradient Nails
Grey with a Purple Glitter Gradient

Nicki Minaj OPI Polka Dots
I sent this photo to Hellogiggles before I had decided to make a blog and add the address, so I know it's floating around the interwebs, but they are really my nails, and I did do them myself. :)

Neon Stripes

Pink Girly Dots

Tape Mani on my friend Caitlyn. I wanted to try this mani, so I did it on her over her already painted red base.

My first and so far only attempt at a water marble

 Pink Gradient

with embellishments

 Snake skin BM-215 Plate on "For Audrey"

Birthday Nails for Mom
Multi Color Gradient Dots

Mani my cousin wanted me to do on her...I'm not as good on other people...

Neon Gradient