Thursday, September 6, 2012

Red Nails

31 Day Challenge: Red Nails complete!

I had a super frustrating time with these! Mostly because as I was starting to use the red tape on my second nail, I somehow flung the tape and couldn't find it! I was on my hands and knees looking everywhere for it feeling like a moron. I even looked in my shirt and was touching my hair in case it somehow ended up somewhere awkward. Then I got a response text from my cousin about going to Panera, so I went hoping it would be somewhere obvious when I got back, and was maybe feeling a little more observant after eating dinner. Yea, I went to Panera with only 1 1/2 completed nails...classy.
Got back and still didn't see it anywhere and I was late for the VMAs! Finally found it after 5 more minutes behind my trash can just leaning up against it. Sneaky sneaky. Anyways, grabbed it, and ran down the street to my sister's house to catch the VMAs.

Anyways, I liked the idea of these, but the tape was a pain, especially on my right hand. I'm not really a huge fan of red either, so they're def not my favorite. I don't think they came out too bad though.

I used
  • Essie: Good As Gold for the base (Not normally a gold fan either, but I'm kind of obsessed with this color!)
  • OPI: Vodka & Caviar
  • OPI: Matte Top Coat

With Flash

Without Flash


  1. oh, I fell in love! so beautiful nail design

  2. I know, red nails were terrible for me too but yours look great! I would call them Wonderwoman nails! ;)

    1. Hahaha, they remind me of Iron Man, but Wonderwoman sounds much better!