Saturday, November 3, 2012

Delicate Print Nails

31 Day Challenge: Delicate Print Nails

So for this challenge I was planning on using a stamp, but I just wasn't loving it and my nails are a little too long right now to use a stamp and I don't want to cut them down yet. So I decided I was going to try the Saran-Mani I saw on Nailed It. I had seen it a while ago and have been meaning to try it. However I didn't reference it before I started and realized I didn't follow the tutorial! Hahaha, I used the Saran Wrap to add color, not take away a layer, but whatever, it still worked. It was just messier and required a good amount of clean up afterwards. Oops, next time I'll try it the right way.

Anywhooo, I'm not sure how delicate looking this actually is and probably isn't considered a "print," but I'm sticking with it anyways. I think the analogous colors make it somewhat delicate looking rather than contrasting colors.

And pardon my slightly messy cuticles/fingers, like I said, a lot of clean up...

I used:
  • OPI: Dim Sum Plum
  • OPI: Do You Lilac It?
  • OPI: Lucky Lucky Lavender
  • OPI: Pink Friday
  • OPI: Happy Anniversary
  • Sephora OPI: Matte Top Coat
In other news, I bought 5 new colors today, a new bottle of base coat and bought some Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, which I'm excited to try!
Also, I'm terrified for Tribal Nails...