Friday, February 8, 2013

Feather Mani!

Tonight I decided to try out one of my new Zoyas! It's blizzarding here so why not do my nails? I wanted to do something quick and simple so I wouldn't be upset taking it off on Sunday, because I'm planning on trying something exciting! So I went for a feather mani because I've been wanting to try it and I bought a whole bag of funky feathers for like a buck! I just did two coats of my new Zoya, "Daul" and added a purple feather while it was still wet. Cut and trimmed it the best I could and added two coats of top coat. DONE. EASY. AWESOME.
I love the Zoya color, but I wish I used a lighter purple under the feather because there is not enough contrast for me. It was also really tough to photograph. Oh well, good news is I wont be too sad to take it off on Sunday!

I used:
  • Zoya: Daul
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat
  • Feathers