Monday, November 25, 2013

The New Black

Hey everyone!

I just have to ask, did anyone else see "Catching Fire??!?" I loved it. So much. It was perfect. Pretty damn close to the book! I'm currently listening to the soundtrack, which is also awesome. I'm obsessed with Lorde's cover of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World," by Tears For Fears.

Ok well anyways, I purchased my first set of "The New Black" polishes. They're so little and cute! I got the "Foiled Again" set. It came with a black, a nude, and three foil glitters, a silver, a gold and a pink! I used the pink for this mani, it's the only one I've tried so far and I loved it!

I used:
  • OPI: Lucky Lucky Lavender
  • The New Black: Pink Foil Glitter
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat

Wednesday, November 20, 2013



Catching Fire comes out. Tomorrow. 8 o'clock. I can't control myself. IMAX. Oh my god.

Here is my mani, ready for tomorrow!! Ahhhhh! I based them off the cover of the book!

I used:
  • OPI: The Spy Who Loved Me
  • OPI: My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours
  • OPI: A Woman's Prauge-ative
  • OPI: Need Sunglasses?
  • OPI: Oy-Another Polish Joke!
  • OPI: Suzi Loves Cowboys
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Floral Nails!

Good news guys! My best friend is letting me borrow her old camera while mine gets fixed! Hoooray! More nailssss!

So for today I have another Pinterest inspired mani! It's a cute floral pattern I found that looks like this:

In my version I used "OPI: My Vampire Is Buff" instead of white, so it looks a little more vintage, than modern and bright. I really love the way it turned out though!

I used:
  • OPI: My Vampire Is Buff
  • OPI: Did It On 'Em
  • OPI: My Paprika Is Hotter Than Yours
  • OPI: French Quarter For Your Thoughts
  • OPI: Black Onyx
  • Essie: Fear Or Desire
  • Essie: Madison Ave-Hue
  • Essie: Play Date
  • Essie: Bond With Whomever
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Neon Stud Nails!

Hey guys! I have another Born Pretty Store Review for you today! But first...

My camera is broken...I don't know whats wrong with it. I'm super upset about it. I googled the issue and tons of people have had the same problem. There was a DIY fix involving opening the camera up (Ahhhh) and turning a little gear around, which I tried. It worked and I got a few shots out of it, including the nails I'm about to post. Then the error message appeared again, I opened it up, fixed it and got a few shots for my next blog post and the error popped up again. I took it to a local camera place and the guy had no clue. My next step is to call Nikon on Friday and see what they say. If I have to send it in I've heard it can take weeks. :(
Soo bottom line is I feel like I can't do my nails again until it's fixed! Not sure I'll actually be able to do that. (I HAVE TO DO A CATCHING FIRE MANI!) Or I might resort to using my iPhone, which isn't terrible, I just really prefer my camera. Maybe I'll just do some simple manis so I'm not bummed about low quality photos on a fab manicure. Ugh. It's fine though, I know other people have bigger problems so I should probably stop whining. Like you know, typhoons.

Back to the nails!

I received some neon studs from Born Pretty Store. I really wasn't sure what to do with them at first, but I decided on nude again with neon accents.

I used:
Don't forget to use my coupon code if you wanna buy these! XCL91

Sunday, November 10, 2013

First Foil Nails!

Hey everyone!

I have a Born Pretty Store review today! I'm slightly disappointed, but in myself. I didn't choose the best foil to review. I thought from the photo that it was going to be silver, but it ended up being clear and holographic rainbow-ish. Don't get me wrong, it looked pretty cool and applied fine, but it was incredibly hard to photograph. It doesn't look nearly as cool in the photographs I took. I'll have to pick a better one next time.

So if you click the link I chose foil #10. I put it over OPI: Casino Royale. You just place it on there after the polish is mostly dry but still a little tacky. I didn't put top coat on these. I've heard to put a normal drying top coat over foils, so I tried my pinky first and it lost a lot of the holographic effect. I still recommend trying foils though, just a more metallic one. This might look cool over black, but would still probably be hard to photograph.

I used:
Don't forget to use my coupon code if you wanna buy these! XCL91

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Neon to Nude Nails!

Hey there!

I have a simple mani today, and sort of summery. It's neon, but my camera decided to pretend it isn't...speaking of cameras, mine is being super weird right now. Hopefully I can fix it this weekend or I won't be able to take pictures of my nails. Waahhhhhh. :(

Anyways, just a neon to nude gradient. Hope you likey!

I used:
  • China Glaze: Flip Flop Fantasy
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat

Friday, November 1, 2013

iPhone Case Nails!

Hey guys! How was your Halloween?

I spent mine drinking Apple Cider Sangria and munching at my friend's house and then doing her nails, hahaha.

I'm really excited about these nails, I've been wanting to do them for a while. So when Peace, Love and Polish asked me if I wanted to be her featured blogger this month, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to do them! They match my newest iPhone case!

Check out the post here.

I used:
  • OPI: Don't Burst My Bubble
  • OPI: Pamploma Purple
  • OPI: Don't Talk Bach To Me
  • OPI: French Quarter For Your Thoughts
  • OPI: My Vampire Is Buff
  • Essie: Tart Deco
  • Essie: I Am Strong
  • Essie: Borrowed & Blue
  • Zoya: Bevin
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat