Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rainbow Glitter Tips!

Whoops, I let over a week go by without posting again! Sorrryyyy! Yesterday was my birthday though, and we've been puppy sitting my Aunt & Uncle's new Collie pup, so it's hard to get anything done with a little cutie running around! If you follow me on Instagram I've posted a few pictures of her!

So these nails were super easy. I went to the Beyonce/Jay Z "On The Run Tour" at the beginning of July and felt like I needed to channel my inner Yonce with some super fab sparkly nails. Also I had never used my OPI Rainbow Connection polish. So I did a glitter gradient but applied it with a makeup sponge so the glitter was super concentrated and the clear base kind of soaked into the sponge. I think that's how I'm always going to apply glitter from now on.

I used:
  • OPI: My Favorite Ornament
  • OPI: Rainbow Connection
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat


  1. These turned out pretty neat! Happy Belated Birthday!

  2. Thank you! :)

  3. LittleMonsterx14July 31, 2014 at 9:31 PM

    Happy belated!! these are gorgeous!