Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gray-Purple Gradient Nails!

Heeyyy there! How's life? Mines pretty good, bracing myself for our upcoming blizzard...kind of hoping I'll get snowed in so I can do my nails allll dayyyyy.

Today I have gradient nails for you. I felt like doing a dark wintery color combo, so I went gray to purple. And of course added some sparkle on my ring finger, silver to purple to match!

I used:
  • OPI: Taupe-less Beach
  • OPI: Vant To Bite My Neck?
  • Milani: Silver
  • Milani: Lavender
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Abstract Nails!


Today I have a weird mani for you, I was looking to Pinterest for some inspiration and found this cool abstract painting and I loved the colors. So I tried to do a similar thing on my nails, and I think it came out pretty good, it just looks kind of funny on nails.

I used:
  • OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • OPI: You're Such A Budapest
  • OPI: Live. Love. Carnaval.
  • OPI: Where Did Suzi's Man-go?
  • OPI: I Just Can't Cope-acabana
  • China Glaze: Metro Pollen-tin
  • Essie: Good As Gold
  • Essie: Under Where?
  • Essie: Play Date
  • Zoya: Kieko
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Snowflake Nails!

Hiiii! I'm in my basement freezing my butt off right now posting these appropriate nails. Snowflake nails!

I actually did these back in 2014, before my Christmas & NYE eve manicures, but obviously I had to share those first. These were inspired by this mani I saw on Pinterest. (Hers are way better) I need some snowflake practice. I can't get as detailed as I'd like. Mine look mostly like stars...which is fine.

I did a coat of the nude color, and sandwiched some of the snowflakes between the nude for some depth of field.

I used:
  • Essie: Sugar Daddy
  • OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • Martha Stewart White Glitter: Carrara
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Eve 2014 Nails!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Hope you all had a fun New Year's Eve and are looking forward to this year! Just want to quickly thank everyone who's followed me and supported me this year! I'm excited for a new year of manis and I hope you are too!

I know, I'm a little late...but I do have my new years mani to share! Finally. I kept it simple, but sparkly of course. I did diagonal black tips with a few different gold glitters.

I used:
  • OPI: Black Onyx
  • OPI: Goldeneye
  • Lacquistry: Amazeballz
  • Born Pretty Store: Glequins
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat