Monday, April 6, 2015

Pastel Brush Stroke Easter Nails!

Woaahhh, two posts within 4 days?!? Go me! Can I keep it up?

I mostly wanted to post these before Easter gets too far away, so I'm posting them before yet another Hawaii mani! Hope you're not sick of themmm!!! :)

Anyways, this idea kind of popped into my head after recently seeing this & this while blog reading (not another Pinterest inspiration, OMG!), and I loved the look, so I tried to do something similar. I used pastel shades over white and one swipe of gold too for a simple, cute Easter/springtime mani. Also, I had to file my nails down to little babies because my index finger nail broke really bad. I think they're cute though sometimes, it's kind of refreshing, and I think it worked with this look.

I used:
  • OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • OPI: Suzi Shops & Island Hops
  • OPI: That's Hula-rious!
  • OPI: Is Mai Tai Crooked?
  • OPI: I Just Can't Cope-acabana
  • OPI: You're Such A Budapest
  • Essie: Good As Gold
  • China Glaze: For Audrey
  • Seche Vite: Dry Fast Top Coat


  1. LittleMonsterx14April 6, 2015 at 9:11 PM

    This is really artistic and pretty!

  2. Thank you!!

  3. This design is perfect for Easter. It has an abstract touch!