Thursday, July 16, 2015

Glitter Rainbow Nails!

Glitter. Rainbows. Yes.

I wanted to do these weeks ago, but when are glitter rainbows not relevant? #LoveWins

So I got these sparklies from Born Pretty Store and wanted to use as many colors as possible. I LOVE all the mani's that Polish All The Nails does, but I don't know where she gets the time and patience to do her crazy sparkly nails. I'm jealous. However, I'm always so inspired when I look at her nails, so I went full sparkle. For mine, I just kind of clumped the different colors on with a small damp brush in rainbow order. It wasn't too hard, but it was crazy messy.

I used:

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  1. This looks very special. I think this is the first time I see a glitter rainbow done so well! I like it!

  2. I love this! Rainbow and glitter are always a win in my book!