Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Maroon & Rose Gold Nails

I have finally got my claws on Essie "Penny Talk." It's a rose gold polish and I think when I first saw it years ago, it didn't look rose gold at all in the bottle, so I ignored it. Now that I've been rose gold obsessed lately, I've been seeing the swatches and it looks perfect! Crap! Why didn't I buy it forever ago?? I decided to hunt for it a bit because I wanted it for my brother's wedding, but my usual go to store didn't have it anymore :(

I gave up, and then randomly found it at a local CVS…had to get it, got a refill on "Good As Gold" too because I've run that one pretty dry. They're my first drugstore Essie's and I hate the writing on the side, but I'LL DEAL and try not to be a snot about it. Hahaha, I'll just have to keep them turned around on my shelf. Did I tell you guys I got a new shelf? For Christmas! I'll have to post a photo soon. Allll my polish has a home now, nothing laying around on my table anymore, no more kitty knocking displays over and breaking bottles…yea that happened…

Anywayyyys! Here is a simple maroon mani with "Penny Talk" as an accent nail. Just warning you, there are at least two more rose gold manis coming up for you. Hope you're ok with that. :)

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