Monday, February 6, 2017

New England Patriot's Nails!

Holy. Crap. Guys. WE WON THE SUPER BOWL! I'm not even much of a sports fan, but I live in Massachusetts. I route for New England always. I mean, c'mon. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. GOAT. I can't even believe that game happened. We were so close to losing. Wow. Wow. We had a party with about 30 people (AFTER some people left) at my aunt's and we were going nuts.

AND GAGA! God I love Gaga. She never disappoints. So good. AND SHE ANNOUNCED HER TOUR! AHHHH. I CAN'T WAIT!

Should I move onto my nails now? Obviously I had to do my nails for the Super Bowl. So here they are! I'm so proud of them, I truly wasn't sure how well they'd come out, but I impressed myself. :)

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